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Cycle Drive Systems is a division of Delta Cycle Corporation, operating successfully in the U.S.A. since 1990

with a reputation for innovative design of useful bicycle accessories.

In recognizing that the traditional roller chain with cog has changed little in 100 years,

Cycle Drive developed it's unique matching toothed belt and precision sprocket system specifically for use on bicycles.

This has been made available as Original Equipment for Manufacturers since 2008.



As interest has grown in this alternative drive-train systems for bicycles,

the Cycle Drive team of dedicated design engineers have continued to research new materials and

processes allowing us to pioneer the most cost effective belt drive technology available for mass produced OEM bicycle manufacturers.

Effective design and engineering support ensures the successful integration of the CDRIVE belt drive system into production bicycles. 



Sales and customer support is provided through direct contact with either our US headquarters in Massachusetts,

U.S.A. or via appointed agents who cover manufacturers in Asia.




Chainstay Calculator

Front Chainring (Teeth)
Rear Cog (Teeth)
* Chainstay (mm)
Belt Length

Gear Ratio
Front Sprocket
Rear Sprocket
Chainstay Length
Belt Length
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